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Anson is a Director and part owner of production company Camp4 Collective, based in Salt Lake City, Utah and likely working somewhere beyond our shores right now. Hislifelong passion for film was born of a childhood spent in the rural mountain west, wandering, and devouring books, music, and movies. He worked his way up from 2nd AC, was a busy commercial DP for 7 years, and now primarily directs brand work. He is known for an emotive, ephemeral style, rooted in the natural world. As a director, he has won over 20 major film festival awards, including the Grand Prize and 3 other awards at Banff 2011, Grand Prize at New Zealand, The Fowler Award at Telluride, The Camera prizes at Trento and Gratz, and had narrative short premiere are top film festivals. He has directed or shot commercial and television work for Microsoft, Oakley, Blue Cross, Aruba, Colorado, Utah, BF Goodrich, New Belgium, Westin, Nissan, Top Gear, NBC, The PAC12, USA Cycling and Trek, and has produced, written or edited multiple short and long form narrative and documentary films.